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The do-it-yourself virtual home staging software that lets you stage photos in minutes!

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How VisualStager works

  • 1
    Click photo of a room of a home or an office and upload to VisualStager
  • 2
    Select from over two thousand furniture items. Click, tap, drag and Stage
  • 3
    Download staged photo as JPG or share an interactive tour as a custom URL

VisualStager Features

  • VisualStager is a unique patented technology that offers stunning realism.
  • VisualStager works inside your browser. There is nothing to download and nothing to install.
  • You can stage anywhere and anytime, from a PC, Mac, an iPad and other tablets.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing means there are no subscription plans and no-commitments.

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Real estate agents and brokers

VisualStager helps sell a home faster and at a higher price. Stage vacant rooms and accessorize furnished rooms.

Broker? Offer VisualStager at discounted prices to your agents.

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VisualStager lets you stage a vacant property by yourself. You can also accessorize rooms that are already furnished. After you have staged a home, you can share the JPG images of each room on your website and MLS listing. Alternately, you can also create an interactive tour that we call "Social Stager", that lets prospective homebuyers rearrange and change the furniture to their liking, and imagine the property as their own.

Too busy to stage it yourself? Why not refer a friend, a photographer or an assistant to our website?


You can share your account with multiple agents. You can purchase VisualStager credits in bulk and share the savings with your agents. Contact us at for details

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Add Virtual Staging Services to your portfolio of services.

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Value added service

VisualStager is a perfect tool for photographers. You already own the rights to photographs that you shoot - why not offer to virtually stage them? You pay us less than $8 per photo and you can sell the staged photograph for several times that cost under your brand. The market rate for Virtual Staging services is $40-$80 per room. If you are a real estate photographer, offering virtual staging to your customers is a no-brainer.

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Are you a real-estate photography studio with a recognizable brand? You might be interested in reselling our software. We can even white-label VisualStager for you to sell this technology under your own banner. Contact us for details!

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Resellers and Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a real estate professional, a photographer, a stager, or simply an entrepreneur, you can become a VisualStager reseller.

We can even white-label VisualStager's technology under your own brand!

You can be a reseller of services, or resell our software, or both.

Reselling Virtual Staging services using VisualStager

Our white labeled services offering is as simple as signing up. You don't need to do anything special to offer virtual staging services under your own brand. You simply use our software to stage photographs (pay as little as $8 a photo) and sell your staging services for $40-$80 a photo. There is no contract to sign or minimum to purchase. Start by purchasing any of our bundles and build a collateral of 7-10 staged photographs, remove our watermark (for 1 credit) and start offering that as your own business.

Reselling VisualStager Software

Our white-labeled software offering allows you to not only sell services, but also offer VisualStager technology on your site, either as a VisualStager partner reseller, or as a white-label reseller, offering the technology as if it's developed by your company.

Our Partner Reseller plans start at a license fee of $59 per month. Our white-labeled partner reseller plans start at a license fee of $79 per month.

Contact us at for details.

VisualStager Pricing

Try it for free

When you sign-up you can try VisualStager for free on all the sample photographs provided. Experience how the software works and view the furniture library - with nearly 3,000 items for furniture - no cost or commitment. You pay only when you are ready to stage your own photographs

Purchasing credits

VisualStager uses a simple pay as you go pricing using prepaid Credits. Credits work like stamps, you prepay for credits, and then use them to stage photographs as and when you need. Buy more credits when you run out, there are no monthly payments, and credits never expire.

Credit pricing Table

You pay 10 credits to stage a photo. You can add an unlimited number of items to your photo. You can save and export the staged photo as often as you like.

Prepay Amount $15 $59 $99 $269 $399 $699
Credits 10 50 100 300 500 1000
Price per photo $15.00 $11.80 $9.90 $8.97 $7.98 $6.99
Prepay Amount $15 $59 $99
Credits 10 50 100
Price per photo $15.00 $11.80 $9.90

Larger bundles:

Prepay Amount $269 $399 $699
Credits 300 500 1000
Price per photo $8.97 $7.98 $6.99

Using Credits

Credits are used only when you stage a photograph. For example, if you need to stage five photographs, at 10 credits/photo, you will need 50 credits. You may purchase 50 credits, and use them all, or alternatively, purchase 100 credits, stage five photographs today, three photographs after a month, and two photographs three months or even later.

Because credits never expire, you can save more by purchasing a bigger bundle.

Pricing features

  • Purchase and use credits only as needed
  • 10 credits to stage a photo
  • Add as many items to the scene as you like
  • Download the staged photo as often as you like
  • 1 credit to remove watermark
  • 30 credits for an interactive "Social Stager"
  • No subscriptions. No monthly payments
  • Credits never expire


The staged image has an unobtrusive VisualStager watermark. The watermark helps to disclose that the photograph is virtually staged. This watermark can be removed for 1 credit.

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